18 March 2014

san francisco

there really is something quite different about the san fransiscan man and woman. they seem to have an aspect to them which is not apparent elsewhere. the men seem to find great difficulty in finding a purpose for being here at all. they seem to be redundant. this then manifests itself in two different ways. firstly, they can just not fit in – they don’t do anything which is ‘useful’ and so simply drop out. some just leave it at that – as a latter day hippy but others take it a little further becoming a true lunatic – maybe shouting at people or things or inanimate objects, performing inappropriate actions – which then become entertaining to the tourist. like the man who is raising and lowering himself facing a litter bin and only gets up when he occasionally hits his head on the bin. they have their own fashions of hair and clothing – the chinese hotelier with a bubble perm, the growing of pony tails to hang on to a perceived hippy past. then there are the ones that are totally laid back- nothing ruffles them because nothing is really that serious.

the women however, are the new power players, the important ones and the ones we must take seriously. Driving the bus, organising the trips, sorting the entertainment, running the office – they’re bigger and stronger than the male and really don’t see why these men are there at all – they’re a waste of time.

neither seems all that happy with the arrangement.

– vonovitch

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