13 March 2014


yes, i could have been a judge but i never had the latin, never had the latin for the judging. i just never had sufficient of it to get through the rigorous judging exams. they’re noted for their rigour. people come staggering out saying, ‘my god what a rigorous exam’ – and so i became a miner instead. a coal miner. i managed to get through the mining exams – they’re not very rigorous, they only ask one question, they say, ‘who are you?’. and i got 75% on that.

– peter cook

Crushed // Melon
  1. Crushed // Melon
  2. Heavy Wait // Melon
  3. Hello Boys // Melon
  4. Why I Hate the Sixties // Melon
  5. Spearhead // Melon
  6. Sheila // Melon
  7. Saturday Girl // Melon
  8. Park and Ride // Melon
  9. Now I know // Melon
  10. My Crap Life // Melon