18 March 2014


driving at 20,000 feet in blistering heat with snow all around you is a bizarre, unreal experience – that’s because it didn’t happen – we were at 10,000 feet. pulling out on tioga road, we cut across to the east and got out of the oldsmobile to follow a small trail to a lone sequoia tree (just a very large tree). we chatted with a slightly disenchanted british soldier from the green jackets who wrote ‘papoose’ on his hand while we were with him. his ‘discount’ blue shorts he’d just bought had given him blue legs.

– vonovitch

Crushed // Melon
  1. Crushed // Melon
  2. Heavy Wait // Melon
  3. Hello Boys // Melon
  4. Why I Hate the Sixties // Melon
  5. Spearhead // Melon
  6. Sheila // Melon
  7. Saturday Girl // Melon
  8. Park and Ride // Melon
  9. Now I know // Melon
  10. My Crap Life // Melon