13 March 2014


i rented a pair of sunglasses in san francisco. i’ve never rented them before and i didn’t know i was renting them this time. at $20 per day i could have got better value for money.

after being sent to the sunglasses rental, i eventually found some to my liking and paid the hair dyed, cool dude youth and felt suitably protected from the san francisco sun. a waltz past union square and the usual artists show – today a woman in purple and the usual yellow man with a ball. past a black woman with swimming goggles in a shop doorway enacting a cross between break dancing and aerobic backstroke whilst hopping – unfortunately this lady was not part of the art but just another entertaining local loony. the rest of the day and all of the following day, i laughed at the sun, giggled at the light, guffawed at the uv. they even came in useful in the darker parts of town to avert the gaze of the mean and unlawful looking people south of o’farrell. but after driving to yosemite with a harvest moon from neil young and his mates, we strolled up to the fifth highest waterfall in the world – yosemite falls. as we strolled onto the bridge, at the bottom of the falls, the spray was shower-like and the wind was strong. only then did i realise that this is where i was to hand in my rented glasses as they blew off my shirt- where they had so solidly been sitting – across the bridge and into the surf. next time i must remember to take out the insurance.

– vonovitch

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