18 March 2014


the information contained in this site is presented as accurate to the best of my knowledge – which is not all encompassing! sadly, though I wish that it were. there are many as yet unfilled areas of knowledge, and very likely mistakes are present in what is here. i’d love to hear about them – i’ve already heard about some. don’t worry about telling me how bad the html is though – I know. my expertise extends to shiny paper. and guiding people to stardom.

– john shuttleworth

Crushed // Melon
  1. Crushed // Melon
  2. Heavy Wait // Melon
  3. Hello Boys // Melon
  4. Why I Hate the Sixties // Melon
  5. Spearhead // Melon
  6. Sheila // Melon
  7. Saturday Girl // Melon
  8. Park and Ride // Melon
  9. Now I know // Melon
  10. My Crap Life // Melon